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5 Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals

fitnessgoalsSuccess requires a bit of a plan – you’ll definitely find it easier to succeed, and stick with your training, if you have specific goals in mind. When you have specific goals – wanting to lose x% of body fat, wanting to be able to lift a certain weight, wanting to run a marathon – it’s easier to make a plan to help you reach those goals. Read More→

Exercising But Not Losing Body Fat? This Is Why …

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 21.52.49Let’s be clear from the outset, it is definitely fat loss as opposed to weight loss that most people want to achieve. At the root cause of weight management are the things that we can’t see and don’t know much about, otherwise we would all be masters of fat loss right? Read More→

Vitamin D

d3Have you ever wondered why your nails look so healthy after a holiday in the sun?

Vitamin D made in the skin by exposure to sunlight is your answer!

Read More→

Is there still time to get fit and lose weight for Christmas?

christmasThere is definitely time to get fit or fitter, especially if you’re coming from a starting point of little or no fitness because in the first four weeks the adaptations you go through are impressive!  As for losing weight, well everyone is different.  Some can see visual changes as early as four weeks but for others it may take 6, 8 or 12 weeks before really seeing the changes.  You will of course feel different first of all and it is this that makes us feel better about ourselves and we radiate a certain glow through our energy and others will pick up on this and pay compliments.  This is what we can aim for in four short weeks, but how? Read More→

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: Part 2

pregnancyDuring pregnancy it’s really important to understand all the changes happening to your body and how you can work with those changes through exercise to ensure an easier birth and recovery in the post natal period. Read More→

My Top Five Tips to Setting your Winter Goals!

Capture1.       Start with what you don’t want … yep!

OK, so the key thing here is we already know what we don’t want, don’t like and don’t enjoy.  So perhaps we should try flipping that over which will give us some guidance as to what we DO want? Read More→