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How you can beat the Christmas Blues

personal trainer Smallfield | Copthorne | SurreyAfter a break, you might be feeling down about, going back to work or your usual routine.  Perhaps you’ve put on weight after the festivities, not liking the miserable wet and cold weather or have money worries and an empty social diary.  Well, this is for you – short and sweet: Read More→


StressStress is negative energy which causes the body to release hormones which can unbalance the body leading to health and weight issues if left untreated.

Here I have highlighted my top five tips to help deal with stress: Read More→


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.11.16I hope you are well and enjoying your week, it’s nearly over now so you have the weekend to look forward to, so whether you are out with friends, meeting up with family, planning a fun weekend away or getting a head start on Christmas affairs I hope you have a fabulous one! Read More→