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Best Nutrition For Runners

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 20.55.17To ensure our energy requirements for specific training are sufficient it’s important that our nutrition and its timing are right.  However, as a first step it’s even more important to ensure that we are healthy and our body can cope with the exercise demands.  This is where I send you back to my blog on cleansing, because a healthy liver is crucial in all it has to do for the body before, during and after your run.  Especially so if you want to be at the very top of your game! Read More→

Nutrition for Women’s Health

Personal trainer HorelyWe all know we are living in a changing environment.  Our population is bigger than ever and as a consequence our farming processes and food production has had to adapt to meet demand.  This has a major impact on the quality of our foods which are lacking in vital nutrients due to the lack of minerals in our soil and produce being picked and shipped too early so they cannot ripen naturally.  Read More→

Top Tips for shedding the Christmas pounds!

Personal Trainer HorleyGot any chocolates still lurking in your cupboards from Christmas?  Do yourself a favour, get tough, and throw them all out today, yes bin them!  The same goes for biscuits, crisps, sweets and cakes, send them out with the rubbish!  Read More→