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How to regain control of your fitness

Personal Trainer HorelyAfter a hearty Christmas and New Year break, it can be difficult to get back into your stride as far as new year’s resolutions and fitness is concerned. Read More→

How you can beat the Christmas Blues

personal trainer Smallfield | Copthorne | SurreyAfter a break, you might be feeling down about, going back to work or your usual routine.  Perhaps you’ve put on weight after the festivities, not liking the miserable wet and cold weather or have money worries and an empty social diary.  Well, this is for you – short and sweet: Read More→

Top Tips for shedding the Christmas pounds!

Personal Trainer HorleyGot any chocolates still lurking in your cupboards from Christmas?  Do yourself a favour, get tough, and throw them all out today, yes bin them!  The same goes for biscuits, crisps, sweets and cakes, send them out with the rubbish!  Read More→

Wondering how to complete that Marathon you signed up for?!

This is my story …

Marathon Training | Personal trainerLet me take you back nine years to Christmas 2005.  I know, it’s a long way back but bear with me!  In October 2005 I learned that I had a place in the 2006 Flora London Marathon (as it was then).  Read More→

Muscle activation techniques

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 15.40.40I attended the Level 2 Be Activated Course with Douglas Heel.  I love this guy, he is awe inspiring.  It is incredible how insightful he is and I could watch him and listen to him all day every day, with that level of engagement of course I was going to learn something, I certainly did that, and some! Read More→

This week’s Top Tip to Avoid Weight Gain this Winter …

Personal trainer HorelyBefore we get into this it’s important to understand that firstly we humans are made up of many different kinds of cells, all with different functions, but none the less we are a network of living cells.  I will try not to digress here but the human body is nothing short of phenomenal at what it is capable of and many of us take it for granted.  Read More→