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How to regain control of your fitness

Personal Trainer HorelyAfter a hearty Christmas and New Year break, it can be difficult to get back into your stride as far as new year’s resolutions and fitness is concerned. Read More→

Wondering how to complete that Marathon you signed up for?!

This is my story …

Marathon Training | Personal trainerLet me take you back nine years to Christmas 2005.  I know, it’s a long way back but bear with me!  In October 2005 I learned that I had a place in the 2006 Flora London Marathon (as it was then).  Read More→

5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out this Winter!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 14.25.381. Get out in the cold … Brrrrrrr
Yep, getting outside and into chilly temperatures will boost your energy expenditure enough to help burn body fat, woo hoo!!
Winter weather puts you on a fat-burning fast track so capitalise on this by getting yourself out for that ‘fresh’ morning run/workout to boost your calorie burn, curb cravings for stodgy foods and keep the winter blues at bay :-) Read More→